About ARIA

A little bit of history.


The aria is a soloist party in a music piece. Using this concept in the restaurant business, depicts the soloist Arius position of "Aria Hospitality Management" in the sphere of hospitality".

Aria Hospitality Management" is a network of entertaining institutions located in the city of Astana, which consists of two big complexes.The first, has the flagman restaurant - "The Barley", ZAZA nightclub and lounge cafe "Cost Cafe".

The second complex, which has already become the love of thousands in the city, is the restaurant with the social atmosphere - "Hungry Rabbit", A ten-lane bowling and a karaoke restaurant "Jimmy acha-acha".

Each of these outlet is unique, has its own style and can be with confidence called the best in the capital city. For example, the karaoke restaurant of "Jimmy acha-acha" is an authentic institution with design accessories and details specially brought in from India, Indonesia and other countries.

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